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Messianic Prophecies The Jews took snippets of text and called them prophecies. The Christians used them to create a composite of a phantom Jesus, but they don't predict anything. 8/30/03

From Covenant to Apocalypse By tracing the history that parallels the writing of the Bible, we find that the more Hebrews were dominated by larger empires, the bigger and more powerful God became. 5/27

Meet the Prophets This introductions presents the prophets as no better at seeing the future than fortune tellers and astrologers. Some were vindictive. Some were crazy. All were prevaricators. 9/23/06

Isaiah We take a look at book's overall construction, the world Isaiah lived in, his character and his prophetic errors. They tell a lot about the flaws of people who claim to speak for God. 10/23/06

Isaiah's Suffering Servant Christians' favorite prophecy is about an analogy between a leper king and Israel. Isaiah believed exiles would restore Israel to greatness. It had nothing to do with Jesus. 10/9/06

Isaiah's World The Hebrews personifed practically everything in nature. The lived a world built on a foundation and heaven was like a tent. It stands to reason that they personified the invisible forces as Yahweh. 11/5/06

Isaiah's God The term "God" is a title like "your highness" that does not confer any particular belief. Isaiah's definition of God parallels how pagans would define their gods. 11/19/06

Jeremiah He lived when the Chaldeans conquered the kingdom of Judah and exiled its prominent residents. The angry prophet believed it was orchestrated by Yahweh because the Hebrews needed to be punished. 12/3/06

Jeremiah's False Pophecies His prophetic record was no better than any ordinary person. They are noteworthy for their shrill, viciousness, and range of natural disasters Jeremiah believed Yahweh controlled. 12/19/06

Daniel's Seventy Weeks Prophecy The book was written long after its misleading time of authorship. Even if we assume its pretended date of authorsihp, it doesn't fit Jesus in either description or arithmetic. 11/5/07

The Apocalypse of Jesus (Sermon on the Mount) Like a broken clock that keeps perfect time twice a day, Jesus' prophesized omens are correct every year, except for the apocalypse. 6/15/03

The Apocalypse of Paul Apocalyptic prophecies bespeak of ignorance on the part of the seer and his desire for revenge. Christians will have to wait for the End to be saved. 12/17/03

The Dark Side of Revelation We pass over the disasters to see how the apocalypse ends. It ends in a world where there is no darkness. The Bible associates evil, sin and Satan with darkness. 2/21/10

Reality trumps faith

When Science Replaced the Bible Is there was such thing as a god with a plan for salvation? The scientific advances of the last six hundred years have rendered the Bible obsolete. 03/19/03

The Power Behind God By simplistic reasoning, the Church declared itself the authority over everybody. Whereupon it took it upon itself to rule by threat and force. 08/01/01

Creation Denies Process Playing off of science's credibility, the creationists pretense of using the language of science to deny evolution by process, ignores the outrageous gaps in biblical literature. 03/09/03

Creationism's New Language To whomever they can discredit the language of true science, the creationists hope to replace it with their own pseudo-science. 08/01/01

To Judge is Human Making judgments is a necessary process for everyday living. To suspend judgment for any reason can only lead to self-delusion. This is what defines faith. 08/01/01

Reality and its Discontents Since reality can't be changed, the alternative is to change what one believes about reality. This is the underlying premise behind religious theology and political ideology. 08/01/01

Religion and Politics On the street, they would qualify as gangsters. Put them in a building with steeples or marble columns and they are respectively known as clerics and politicians. 08/01/01

The Scientific Method These guidelines explain the scientific method. It could be described as a method of keeping us tethered to tangible reality. You don't have to be a scientist to take advantage of it. 01/09/05

Thinking Objectively Thinking subjectively comes naturally. Thinking objectively is an acquired skill whose benefits are in proportion to one's skill. 01/22/05

Words with no Real Meaning There is a class of words that when improperly used, do not have any reference to anything real. Religion and politics could not thrive without them. 7/9/07

Reality PDF Set

Human sacrifice — Religion's foundation

Sacrifice-Religion's Legacy Church and State promote personal sacrifice for their own gain. Their wealth and power comes by whatever they can induce you go give up without due compensation. 1/26/03

Cain and Abel Cain killed his brother out of a jealous rage incited by God. Instead of punishing him, God freed him from manual labor and gave him a protective mark that helped to make him rich. 1/1/03

Abraham and Isaac God tested Abraham's fear by telling him to kill his firstborn son Isaac. Though God withdrew the command, Abraham never once protested through the ordeal. 1/1/03

Blood Sacrifice Under Moses Moses' Ten Commandments was accompanied by a call for the Israelites to sacrifice their firstborn to fire in commemoration of the Passover. 12/19/03

Jephthah's Daughter Jephthah had to keep his vow to sacrifice the first person to come out of his house to greet him if God would grant him victory in battle. 7/31/03

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel The polytheistic Hebrews practiced child sacrifice from Joshua to the Exile. There were prohibitions against sacrificing to foreign gods, but not to Yahweh. 12/19/03

On Sacrifice and Jesus The practice of Communion is founded on cannibalism and vampirism. The idea of sacrificing an innocent perverts the meaning of justice. 1/26/03

The Poverty of Sacrifice Calls to sacrifice come from religious and political elitists. Your loss becomes their gain. They acquire wealth and power by whatever they can induce you to give up. 1/26/03

Link Visiting Ancient Altars Where Children Were Sacrificed

Satan — The church's best friend

Without the imaginary Satan, the Church would have nothing to deflect the inadequacies of its theology. Without him, Christians could not believe God is good.

Satan's Names The slander hurled against Satan can be found in a variety of names and forms. The worst charges of deception don't compare to God's role as judge and executioner.

Satanic Parallels Satanic demons with powers equal to the supreme god were commonplace in pagan religions. This list compiles 77 names from around the world. 3/5/03

Light Versus Dark The belief in good and evil supernatural forces comes from superstitious ignorance. Light was personified as good and darkness was personified as evil. 03/07/03

Satan's Accusers The New Testament is replete with passages warning believers against Satan. Their accusations provide a handy scapegoat for escaping the bankruptcy of Christian theology. 8/02/03

Satan: God's Angel Satan was one of God's angels from Adam and Eve to Judas. It was his accusers who bore false witness. 8/5/03

100 Satanic Questions If there was such thing as an omnipresent and omnibenevolent God, the idea of another Satanic god defies all logic. There are a lot of questions Christians refuse to address. 7/04/05

Where Does Evil Come From The worst crimes against humanity come from political and religious authorities. For as long as the mass of good people put their faith in them, there will be evil. 4/1/03


Abortion Christian anti-abortionists have used the Bible to support their case against abortion. Actually the Bible has nothing to say on the topic and it has a merciless attitude towards babies. 7/31/04

Incest Despite proscriptions, the Bible's royalty were exempted without criticism to maintain bloodlines. The same characters committed other immoral sexual acts without criticism. 10/17/04

Onan's Sin This story was popular for condemning masturbation. In truth Onan was killed because he wasn't the rightful heir to Judah's legacy. 10/3/04

Sodom and Gomorrah Traditionally the towns were thought to be destroyed for homosexual activity. Actually, God destroyed them for worshipping other gods. The power of suggestion leads to misinterpretation. 8/3/04

Sin — The church's hammer

What is sin? It is whatever the Church says it is. The guilt and fear associated with sin stands as one of the most effective marketing campaigns in corporate history. Through endless repetition, the Church turned this meaningless word into an emotional hammer.

Adam and Eve (The Fall of Man) Their story can be found in the stars. Adam was created on earth and put in that place in heaven called the Zodiac. His rib gave us the constellation Virgo. The serpent is up there too. His fall came about when God sent him back to earth. This is the legacy upon which the Christian Church bases its theology on sin. 3/14/03

Essays on the Fall of Man Pagan parallels. Does God tempt? Did Adam bring evil and death into the world? Shame on the Church! God has no power and obedience has no virtue. Second to natural causes, tyranny is the most significant source of human misery. The way to be free of sin is to stop believing.

The Farce of Adam's Sin The Church took a children's fable and used it as an excuse to condemn the human race. The logic doesn't hold up any more than the evidence does. 7/10/03

Sodom and Gomorrah Traditionally the towns were thought to be destroyed for homosexual activity. Actually, God destroyed them for worshipping other gods. The power of suggestion leads to misinterpretation. 8/3/04

Cain and Abel The first murder was not caste as a sin because Cain obeyed God. God rewarded him by putting a mark on him for protection. 1/1/03

Original Sin and Christian Salvation The Church's case for Salvation has nothing to offer from Jesus. Church language rivals Orwell' doublespeak. Thomas Aquinas reveals his hatred for humanity. 7/10/03

Violence and war

Moses, the Jewish Hitler The Jewish lawmaker was one of the most violent men of his time. Credited for writing the first five books of the Bible, the Creation account rests on rests on his credibility. 2/18/02

Moses' Articles of War The most despicable, bigoted, blood curdling language hurdled against Jews, was from Moses. Be glad you're not one of Yahweh's chosen. If you are, tough luck. 2/18/02

Joshua's Conquest Moses' successor was equally as murderous. The Promised Land was previously occupied by Canaanites (Palestinians) before it was taken by merciless slaughter. 2/18/02

How the Jews Stole Palestine Palestine has been wracked by war since biblical days. A warning to anyone who thinks war and violence can bring a lasting solution. 10/14/01