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Creation according to God

Before Creation Genesis 1:1-2 reflects an ancient pagan belief that there was a preexistent chaotic universe before God brought it to order. 05/27/03

Elements of Creation Genesis 1:2 reflects an ancient belief that all things are composed of some combination of earth, fire, air and water. These same elements can be found in astrology handbooks. 5/28/03

Seven Days of Creation . Earth is covered by a metallic dome and resting on a sea of water. Vegetation sprouted before the sun existed. No matter how absurd, they believe because it is in the Bible. 8/10/02

When Was Eden Created The Garden of Eden was created on the third day as a way of introducing the astral mythologies that were to follow in the rest of the Bible. 4/1/03

The Garden of Eden While it seems to contradict the six days of creation, it was a way of introducing a celestial creation to lay the groundwork for the astral myths to follow. updated 12/01/03

Creation Myths The Bible's similarities with Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian mythology are too close to be a coincidence. 5/28/03

Link 15 answers to creationist claims.

What did God create?

Critics have charged that Darwin's theory of natural selection has some serious flaws. This noise over the mechanism of evolution is calculated to cast doubt on the process of evolution, leaving their creationist fantasies as the only alternative. It is only fair that we examine God's accomplishments.

Bibleworld Wonderland and Fantasyland have nothing on Bibleworld. Earth was fixed at the center of a universe in motion. Life forms were bizarre and the sky above was the home of the gods. 8/30/02

Alien Gods If God created all things, then he must have created a god for every kingdom in the ancient Middle East. Afterward, he was constantly frustrated by their presence. The Patriarchs, the Jewish masses and many of the Prophets recognized them as well. 12/26/02

God's Pantheon God created many gods to do many deeds. It is all a matter of semantics. By definition, a divine being by any name is a god. Angels are gods. Spirits are gods. Thus, both polytheists and monotheists believe in the existence of many gods. The essential differences are how they name, rank and worship them. 1/19/03

The Underworld The ancient world was haunted with demons and deities. Darkness was personified with all kinds of evils. In the days of a flat earth centric universe, heavenly bodies were believed to move under the world. 3/4/03

Flat earth Bible In defense of the Bible's scientific prescience, apologists like to cite Isaiah 40:22, "he sits above the circle of the earth..." to show where it says earth is round. Actually it is describing the zodiac, but that is a another story. The author of this article did a study on the many places where it says earth is flat. Did God believe earthis flat? 11/26/05


American Law was not Founded on Christian Morals In response to Christians who say America was founded on Christian morals, this well researched and well written book provides the evidence that it wasn't. 11/19/06


God's Mistakes Assuming a god, if the formation of the universe had some intelligence behind it, it couldn't be the stupid deity who wrote the Bible. 1/21/04

The God of Death Religious ideas evolved during prehistoric times out of ignorance and superstition. Modern knowledge of biology negates the possibility of an afterlife. 1/29/04

A Crime of Passion Critics and Christians miss the point about the movie "The Passion of Christ." The real villain is God and Christian morality. 3/3/04

The Bible's Pagan God Many sightings of God are described in the Bible. Yet God is supposes to be infinite and invisible. When you pay attention to the language, the definition of God reduces to nothing. 3/22/04

The God of gods According to "the word of God" there were many other gods besides himself. Because of the subjective nature of religion, there have been as many gods as there are cultures. 4/9/04

God and Natural Disasters Some Christians, Jews and Muslims say the 12/26 tsunami demonstrates God is on their side. By reason, it can be demonstrated that the tsunami was purely a natural disaster. 02/02/05

The Evolution of God We follow the similarities of the Israelite religion when it was a Yahweh cult that spun off from the Canaanite religions to when Yahweh became the only god in the universe. 12/10/05

The Illogic of God Because God is an idea with no identifible form, theists assign attributes to God that nullify each other. Efforts to justify the existence of God suffer too because they argue that God exists in nothing. 9/13/09

God: Almost Human The modern version of God as an invisible, omnipotent, omnipresent perfect being evolved sometime later in Bible history. The old version was anthropomorphic, meaning human like 10/24/09

God's Cruelty


Gospel Narratives

Jesus' Genealogy The Genealogies in Matthew and Luke are indefensible forgeries. Over 500 years before Jesus, the last descendants of David where either killed off or never heard from again. 01/02/05

Jesus Son of God Jews thought of themselves as God's children. Their chosen son was the anointed king of Israel. Jesus never heard of Christian redemption. He was out to save his own people. 8/18/03

Jesus' Miracles Christians believe the miracle of resurrection will bring them everlasting life, but very few would take the risk of testing their faith when they or their children are ill. 10/05/03

Jesus' Ghost The strange way in which refers to himself as Son of Man can be understood as a term for his Spirit. Its significance is bound up in many ancient fallacies. 12/16/03

Jesus Nativity Legends Matthew and Luke give two unconvincing contradictory accounts of the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. 12/21/04

Jesus and Judas Christians should praise Jesus' betrayer as a hero. The story has many false prophecies and contradictions. A glossary of phrases explains the story of the sun passing Scorpio. 3/9/05

Jesus enters Jerusalem By following the parallel verses in the gospels and their supporting prophecies, we get to see their points of disagreement. It doesn't add up to anything that can be considered as factual. 3/4/07

The Last Supper and the Eucharist Second of a series from the time Jesus entered Jerusalem. Again we find diffences that consign them to legend status. 4/29

The mythology of Jesus

The Truth About Jesus Is He a Myth? This excellent written, easy to read on-line book makes a strong case for why Jesus is a mythical character. 9/25/05

Did Jesus Really Live? This article takes you through the many reasons why Jesus is a fictional character.

History of Jesus FAQ Questions and answers on the existence of Jesus.

Paul's writings provide the best evidence we have that Jesus was not a real person.

Paul's Mystery Jesus Evidence of Jesus' non-historicity comes from Paul who declares he was the first to recognize Jesus through revelation and Scripture. updated 12/11/03

Paul's Imaginary Jesus Paul goes out of his way to tell us that he knew Jesus through visions, revelation and Scripture. He would not accept the idea of a real Jesus. updated 12/10/03

The dark side of Jesus

He's got the most overrated personality in written history. He was the opposite of what Christian's believe him to be: ignorant, vindictive, self-righteous and hypocritical. To know him is to dislike him.

Beatitudes not Beautiful Jesus offers his blessings to the type of people he is looking for to send to heaven. They are so severe that no believer can live up to them, except by accidental misfortune. 6/6/03

The Apocalypse of Jesus (Sermon on the Mount) Like a broken clock that keeps perfect time twice a day, Jesus' prophesized omens are correct every year, except for the apocalypse. 6/15/03

Jesus' Sins The Catholic Encyclopedia thinks of them as sins or vices that can give rise to many other sins. Jesus was guilty of six out of seven. He had an arrogant ego and he lived well. 10/8/07

Hellfire Jesus A collection of passages of Jesus' temper tantrums shows that he was anything but kind and loving. He was an immature jerk and a petty tyrant. 6/22/03

Jesus the Lawbreaker Jesus and the Christian Church are measured against the Ten Commandments. The Church fails at least the first two. Jesus fails the last eight. 6/27/03

Jesus' Plan of Salvation It has nothing to do with the sin of Adam. Jesus was against almost anything that had to do with self preservation. 7/5/03

Jesus' Anti-family Values Jesus' family was the entire opposite of what Christian's consider wholesome. His obsession with loyalty encouraged families to break up. He denied his own family. 7/17/03

Jesus' Wealth He went around preaching that wealth will land you in hell. Give him your money and he will take care of you. He mind having wealth himself. 7/23/03

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Law & Ethics

Ten Commandments Part 1 There were no written laws in the first 90,000 years of human history. The first four commands were specifically tailored to Jewish worship and opposed to a Christian God. 5/15/04

Ten Commandments Part 2 The last six commands appear to have secular significance. Actually they were superstitious taboos meant to strengthen tribal unity. They are not relevant to U.S. law. 5/15/04

The Intent of the Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments were conceived as tribal law under the priestly domination. They are anathema to constitutional government. 5/31/04

The Forgotten Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments with the highest authority were stored in the Ark of the Covenant. The were so primitive and barbaric that they were left to be forgotten. 6/8/04

Killer Laws Fundamentalists believe God's moral laws contain absolute truths for society to live by. But upon examination, most of them call for the death penalty. 6/11/04

King Josiah's Rampage This is a story about one of Judah's late kings who had the Deuteronomy law code written to suit his political ambitions. There was no revelation from God. 6/28/04

Tales of the Ark of the Covenant We follow the trail of the Ark from its beginning with Moses to its end when the temple is destroyed. The stories surrounding it are among the best in the Bible. 7/5/04

Bible Bigotry The Bible's reputation as a guide for positive living does not reconcile with the way it has been abused. Take a tour of the verses that have been used to justify a wide range of causes. 7/21/04

Abortion Christian anti-abortionists have used the Bible to support their case against abortion. Actually the Bible has nothing to say on the topic and it has a merciless attitude towards babies. 7/31/04

American law was not founded on Christian morals In response to Christians who say America was founded on Christian morals, this well researched and well written book provides the evidence that it wasn't. 11/19/06

Principles of Morality Social cooperation accounts for the wonder of our complex civilization. Excess aggression is what destroys it. These principles explain the distinctions. 8/15/05

Paul the mythmaker

The man universally acclaimed as being Christianity's founder makes a point about not knowing Jesus from human sources. In the final analyses, he beat out his Jewish rivals with zeal and sophistry.The NT gives the impression that Paul was commenting on the Gospels. It was the other way around. The Jesus character was employed as a way of legitimizing Paul's mythology.

Paul's Character The man who most defines Christianity was ruthless and dishonest. Would you buy a used car from this man? updated 12/8/03

Paul's Imagary Jesus Paul goes out of his way to tell us that he knew Jesus through visions, revelation and Scripture. He would not accept the idea of a real Jesus. updated 12/10/03

Paul's Mystery Jesus Evidence of Jesus' non-historicity comes from Paul who declares he was the first to recognize Jesus through revelation and Scripture. updated 12/11/03

Paul's Schism The rightful heir of Jesus' legacy was Peter, who represented Jewish thought. Paul's appeal to Gentiles explains how Christianity broke off from it Jewish roots. 10/27/03

Paul's Mythology His method of biblical interpretation was fraudulent. A study of the times he lived in shows that Christianity's survival was a Darwinian legacy from Roman Empire days. 11/30/03

Paul's Sin The fallacy of dualism holds that consciousness and body are different entities. From this, Paul conjured the idea that sin emanates from the body. What he promises doesn't exist. 12/7/03

The Apocalypse of Paul Apocalyptic prophecies bespeak of ignorance on the part of the seer and his desire for revenge. Christians will have to wait for the End to be saved. 12/17/03

Paul's Eucharist The gospel accounts of Jesus' Last Supper were plagiarized from Paul. And Paul plagiarized Old Testament and pagan sources. The ritual fosters the belief in magic. 5/22/04