Author-Raymond Hewitt

My Odyssey This is addressed to those who wonder who I am and where do I get my ideas from. In short they evolved out a mistrust in establishment authority. Reality is my authority. 11/25/07

My Authority Theists overstress their faith in human authority from which their faith in divine authority flows. While science emphasizes its mistrust in authority in favor of material evidence. 5/25/04

Words with no real meaning There is a class of words that when improperly used, do not have any reference to anything real. Religion and politics could not thrive without them. 7/9/07

Thinking Objectively Thinking subjectively comes naturally. Thinking objectively is an acquired skill whose benefits are in proportion to one's skill. 01/22/05

The Principles of Critical Thinking A summary of what the process involves. 3/19

Principles of Morality Social cooperation accounts for the wonder of our complex civilization. Excess aggression is what destroys it. These principles explain the distinctions. 8/15/05

The Great Inflation Swindle Inflation is an old phenomenon caused by when the supply of money exceeds the supply of goods. Over time they run out of control and end in disaster, and this one is entering that phase. 3/25/07

Personal Sovereignty Your body is yours exclusively. The better you recognize the manipulative techniques employed to control some part of your life, the better you can retain ownership. 1/8/06

My Challenge to Religion Organized religion is losing its grip on American society. This website is my reaction to America's long history of government and religious collaboration. 5/6/04

The reports on this website are based on the science of reality as best can be determined within human limits. Any attempt to go beyond those bounds leads to wholesale subjectivism. I write with the sincere conviction that people around the world place too much faith in authority. My aim is to show readers that they are being deceived and coerced by those who relish social power. Moral ends cannot be achieved by immoral means.

As individuals, we cannot stop rampant authoritarianism, but we can withdraw our support. Until the masses come to this conclusion, if they ever do, human society will continue to be plagued by false idealism and theology.