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The Zodiac Bible Code

Unbeknown to billions of theists, the Bible was written in astronomical allegory. The Bible's writers as well as the pagan mythmakers perceived the sky to be another world inhabited by heroes and gods. Astronomy, astrology and parallel myths provide the keys to unlocking the code. Source material for this chapter can be found in the book section. See map of zodiac for a visual reference. The Origins of the Zodiac Bible Code


A Tale of Two Heavens Christians believe in two heavens, but if one pays attention, the Bible refers to only one visible heaven. The double meaning arose out of Galileo's discoveries in the 17th century. 10/8/07

Bible Astrology An introduction to astronomy and astrology. This page serves as background to the constellations of the zodiac and how the bible depicts the sun's passage through the seasons. 4/18/03

Take the Garden Tour A visual tour of where many popular biblical stories fit on the Zodiac. 1/20/08

Bible Dates The Bible covers a span of 6,000 years that synchronizes with the Ages of Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces. 1/8/04

Wisdom God created the goddess of wisdom before all things. Wisdom was the Bibleís code word for knowledge of astrology. Through wisdom, Godís message enters human consciousness. 5/20/03

Light Versus Dark The belief in good and evil supernatural forces comes from superstitious ignorance. Light was personified as good and darkness was personified as evil. 03/07/03

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria: Astrology and Astronomy Argues that the twelve zodiac signs were developed by the Babylonians. The link provides insight on the influence the Babylonians had on the Bible writers. 9/25/05

Images from Heaven tell the stories

Adam and EveCain and AbelCherubimCloudEzekiel's WheelsGarden of EdenHoly Grail Judas KissMary MagdaleneMichael the Archangel Noah's FloodRiver PishonTransfiguration

Old Testament

Elements of Creation, Genesis 1:2 reflects an ancient belief that all things are composed of some combination of earth, fire, air and water. These same elements can be found in astrology handbooks. 5/28/03

The Days of Creation, Genesis 1 The first chapter of Genesis defines the time of creation and the length of a day in astrological time. 1/06/04

Eden to Babel, Genesus 2-11 The Age of Taurus is covered from the creation of Eden to the Tower of Babel. The stories follow the sequence of the zodiac. 2/24/04

Abraham and Sons, Genesis 12-25 Judaism, Christianity and Islam claim a legacy that starts with Abraham. His fictional life can be seen by tracing it through the zodiac. 3/14/04

The Stars of Israel, Genesis 49 The twelve tribes of Israel aren't real. Before the Greeks named them, the Hebrews had their own designations for each of the zodiacal constellations. 4/28/03

Moses' Sun Signs, Exodus-Deuteronomy The zodiacal life of Moses is spread out through four books of the Old Testament. He was not an real person after all. 1/13/04

Joshua and Judges The two books are structured with the zodiac in the Age of Taurus. The writing predates the writing about Abraham and Moses. 8/11/04

The Stars of David, 1 Samuel-1 Kings 2 Jesusí legendary ancestor is glorified for uniting the kingdom of Israel. He was a traitor, a bandit, an adulterer, murderer, homosexual and savage to the core. 5/26/03

Israel's Zion, Ruth-2 Kings Tthe history of Israel breaks down into the 12 houses of the zodiac. Zion means zodiac. It doesn't get historical until the later kings. 11/20/04

New Testament

When Was Jesus Born In reality, his time began when the sun of God aligned with seven planetary bodies and ushered in the Age of Pisces. Christians don't realize they are sun worshippers. 4/18/03

The Three Wise Men and the Star of Bethlehem Jesus, the sun hero, rises on December 25, and the role of Mary, Joseph, Herod, the wise men and the star of Bethlehem is in the stars. 04/05/03

John the Baptist's Stars John the Baptist can be seen when the sun is in the constellation Aquarius. The timing of his conception, birth and death can be traced to the yearly cycle of Aquarius. 4/25/03

Gospel Zodiac The Church belittles astrology, yet the Gospels are structured according to the motifs of the Zodiac. The life of Jesus personifies the sun passage through the four seasons. 04/17/03

Christ's Temptation God took Christ up to the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. The right way to understand this event is to follow their path around the Zodiac. 3/5/03

Son of Man The mysterious Son of Man in the Gospels can be traced to the constellation Orion as Jesus' alter ego. Jesus' return at the end of the world is not a one time event it is a yearly astrological event in time with the sun's and Orion's yearly cycle. 4/19/03

Holy Trinity The Son, Father and the Holy Spirit, and the devil's mark, 666, can be explained by the phases of the sun in a twenty four hour day. 9/3/03

Sun Miracles Rather than look at Jesus' miracles as being performed by the Son of God, they make more sense if we look at them as allegories being performed by the Sun of God. 2/17/05

The Eucharist The ceremony symbolizes the sun's crossing the autumn equinox, when sunsets turn red and when there is an astronomical cup to catch the blood. 3/22/05

Signs of Jesus' Last Days Traces the astronomical signs that went into the fabrication of the the last days of Jesus up to his execution. 5/25/05

The Death and Resurrection of Christ Christ died for the sins of the Age of Aries. His spirit rose to heaven in the Age of Pisces. He didn't know when the Age of Aquarius would begin. Revelation 16 prophesizes an Aquarian six day creation culminating in a place called Armageddon. 4/02/05

Jesus' Ghost The strange way in which refers to himself as Son of Man can be understood as a term for his Spirit. Its significance is bound up in many ancient fallacies. 12/16/03

Jesus Second Coming The prophecies are based on astrology. Jesus will return, but not in the way Christians think. The idea of a second creation to replace the first is as preposterous as the first creation. 4/17/05

Christian Holidays The dates reflect on Christianity's astrological origins. It was a time when Christians worshipped the sun as Jesus, and believed Orion was his spirit, Son of Man. Orion holds the key. 9/16/07