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December 10, 2005

Merck studies on Vioxx were a fraud

It is an axiom in pharmacutical medicine that poison is in the dose. All medicines have negative side effects. Their art is to foist poisons on unsuspecting consumers without them making a connection to being systematically poisoned. The subject of this article is Merck. But don't think it is an isolated case. Merck withheld negative evidence

The industry has reached a stage when their patents run out, they have to keep finding ways to repackage the old medicines to get new patents. To do that, the new medicines are getting more toxic. Even with antibiotics which kill the friendly bacteria in your G.I. tract, microbes have been developing stronger resistance, certain evidence of evolution at work.

The industry would like you to think that disease just happens. Don't fall for it. Disease is your body's reaction to bad diet or bad medicine. Avoid medicine unless it is a life threatening emergency. Avoid processed foods ladened with chemicals and stripped of their nutrients. We can't be perfect at it, but the better we practice proper nutrition, the better we can ward off disease. Right food is your best cure and disease preventative. Always has been; always will be. One of my favorite websites on this subject is Mercola.com

Posted by Ray Hewitt at December 10, 2005 11:32 AM


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