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September 30, 2005

Drug companies promote disease

Modern medical system is not really focused on prevention or health promotion at all. What we have is a disease treatment system." Actually, the problem is not so much that we have a "disease treatment system." Rather, the problem is that we have a "disease promotion system." Link

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September 24, 2005

The drug trade

The title brings to mind the illegal drug trade. You know; the low class element who sells cocaine, marijuana, herion and other concocted hallucinogens with names like Ecstasy. It's no secret the stuff is bad for your health. There is no controversy either over the legal drugs, tobacco and alchohol. The CDC estimates that 400,000 Americans die from cigarette related diseases. This table from the CDC breaks down the mortality statistics. On number of deaths per year, the first five are:
1. Heart disease: 607,000
2. Cancer: 480,000
3. Stroke: 140,000
4. Flu/pneumonia:115,000
5. Accidents: 91,000 deaths.

Now we turn to mercola.com
Doctors: 250,000 deaths
Prescription drugs: 106,000

Those numbers don't show up in the CDC statistics because the CDC doesn't rate doctors and medicine as a cause of death.

The April 2005 Popular Science had some distressing facts about the blockbuster drugs Vioxx and Celebrex. Vioxx increased the risk of heart attack and stroke by 100 percent. It caused 88,000-140,000 serious coronary heart diseases. 1.2 million Americans were taking Vioxx when Merck recalled it last September. It caused 150% increase in heart attack and stroke. And worst of all, Vioxx and Celebrex are no more effective at relieving pain then aspirin and ibuprofen.

Are you getting my point? This stuff is dangerous. It's literally poisonous. Unlike the medical industry, at least the alcohol and tobacco companies don't claim alcohol and cigarettes are good for your health. Hell, even the relative benign aspirin has a record of causing bleeding stomach ulcers. My father almost bled to death from the stuff. And ibuprofen takes a terrible toll on your liver.

Think about it. You go to a doctor complaining about some ailment, and he prescribes poison? That's nuts! The doctor is gambling your symptoms go away before the medicine does permanent damage to some other part of your body. He's also gambling you won't connect him to the side reactions should they manifest - and they all have side reactions. Notice that I said "symptoms." Because poisonous medicines don't treat the causes of what makes you sick, they treat the symptoms. He also knows that for some medicines, you could be hooked for life - lots of repeat business.

There is a terrible amount of self-serving disinformation out there that comes from the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. Their second line of treatment is by surgery. If something acts up, hey, cut it out or burn it out with radiation. Ladies and gentlemen, with regard to metabolic diseases modern medicine has barely progressed beyond blood-letting. Poison, cut or burn; that's it.

Why? As much regard as I have for capitalism, no economic system can impose morals; money is money. Even science can be misdirected. As scientific as pharmacutical medicine is, it is scientific within the paradigm it is applied. Natural medicines can't be patented, so there isn't nearly as much profit incentive for going in that direction. Natural medicines cure permanently because they remedy the root causes. Natural medicines can be metabolized; patented medicines disrupt your bodily processess.

Patented medicines can be thought of as a form of alchemy. As much as the general public is led to believe they remedy the cause of disease; they don't. Your body has to do that, but it can't without he right balance of nutrients. When you get sick, there is something you are doing or not doing that causes metabolic disturbances or leaves you vulnerable to infectious diseases. The chemical processess in your body are too complex to tamper with long term; what is know is only a surface understanding. The art is in making the adjustments your body needs to correct itself. If you go the traditional route of treating the symptoms, you are only inviting more sickness. The lack of a patented medicine does not cause disease; it is not a prudent way to heal.

There are some qualifications. It would be foolish to refuse prescription medicine when life threatening emergencies are at stake. But when there is adequate time to find safe treatment, that's the way to go. This requires a proactive approach to healing. You have to go out of your way to find alternative medicine practitioners or take the time to understand your bodily symptoms and do some experimenting. These are the roads less traveled where most people feel lost or uncomfortable. The burden of health is on you.

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September 17, 2005

Making allowances for things to go wrong

It's been about 30 years since I last had a car accident. I attribute my change in fortune to a maturity in thinking. As a youth, I had a race driver mentality that caused me to drive too close to the limits imposed by physics and reflexes. Most of my accidents and speeding tickets occurred when I wasn't paying attention to what was around me. Another cause, I realized, was trying to outguess another driver before he committed to the direction he was going. I still make errors as we all are going to do. The difference now is that I leave enough space and time for corrections.

Life is like driving. As the famous Murphy's Law states: What will go wrong will go wrong." In practically every case, for some misfortune to happen, there has to be a chain of events that align at precisely the same time. There are more ways for things to go wrong then we can imagine. The best we can do is manage our lives to minimize the impact should they affect us. This entry kicks off a new series.

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