General Semantics A non-Aristotelian approach to the logic of words. The number one source for explaining how we deceive ourselves by the misuse of language.

A List of Fallacious Arguments These are common forms worth familiarizing yourself with.

Why Aristotelian logic does not work An excellent source to the logic of words.

What is the Hegelian Dialectic? Briefly, it's a system of turning logic upside down.

38 Ways to Win an Argument When you think you are being logical and rational, these are the methods your opponent might use to derail you. 5/8


Molecule of the Week From the American Chemical Society

Live Science General science in the news

How Stuff Works A general website for the curious

Top Ten Missing Links The antidote against creationists who argue mankind has no evolutionary history.


New Scientist Science news

Science and Pseudoscience A list of sources.

National Geographic

Physics Web

The Biology Project An advanced teaching source for molecular biology.

The Particle Adventure Learn about quarks, muons, matter, antimatter, neutrinos etc.

Current Controversies

The Electric Universe One of the most fascinating theories I've seen that explains the many anomalies that have been accumulating under Newtonian/Einsteinian theories of gravity, mass and light. Tthe universe operates by electrical, electrostatic and plasma forces, say the authors. 9/8/07

Thunderbolts.info A companion to the Electric Universe.

Fire and Ice Whether the climate is cooling or warming, the media always presents the alarmist view

Confessions of an "ex" Peak Oil Believer The fear of running out of oil is based on the premise that oil comes from fossil remains. The Russians have proved that oil is formed deep within earth from conditions of high pressure and temperature like diamonds. And they've developed the technology of ultra-deep wells to get it. 9/28

Global Warming: A Convenient Lie

Environmentalism as a Religion

Global Warming is natural

Solar and Celestial Causes of Global Warming

The Age of Avoidance: Who Wants to Deal with Reality?

Corn Expensive Biofuel

Biolfuel produces more greenhouse gas than oil

We're All Gonna Die! A skeptics guide to Doomsday

For Children

Science NetLinks Science for school age children.

Smithsonian Education

Earth Science

National Zoo

National Science Teachers Association

The Math forum

Periodic Table