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Once upon a time, there was no such thing as processed food. There was no farming, no wheat, no corn, no sugar, no preservatives, no chemicals. None of that stuff. Our stone age ancestors had to hunt and gather for food. That is the environment from which our bodies evolved. That is the kind of food to which our bodies are attuned.

There is much to appreciate about the abundant availablility of food in modern society. An average middle class American lives better then most others around the world and better then the rich in earlier times. Famines were fairly common until the 17th century. Now in the 21st century, our health is endangered by overconsumption, poor nutritution and dangerous medicines. We would not have this much wealth if it wasn't for the capitalist structure of our economy. There is a downside to the natural incentives of producers to maximize sales and reduce costs: our health.

Farmers gain efficiency by growing crops with whatever chemicals make them grow the most at the least cost. Animals are fed with whatever fattens them the fastest. All of this is at the sacrifice of nutritution.

Manufacturs reduce the costs of production while inceasing the incentive for you to consume with artificial ingredients. It's no puzzle why so many Americans are overweight and under nourished. Making food nutritious costs money. Nutrients are perishable so they add preservatives. Nutritious food is satisfying, so they strip the food of nutritients and add sweeteners to "improve" the taste. Nutritious fats are highly perishable, so they convert them into stable fats. Cigarette producers get a lot of criticism for making cigarettes addictive, but the food producers have the same mentality. It is tempting to blame them, but the state of the Standard American Diet (SAD) reflects what consumers are most willing to pay for.

Studies have shown that there are limits to how much stress your organs can take until they become irreversibly exhausted. As an example, the average consumption of sweets in America today is about 150 pounds a year. It is far beyond what your body can handle and explains why diabetes is the sixth major cause of mortality. Sugar consumption has a major affect on heart disease and cancer too. Similarly, Americans consume daily amounts of white flour in almost every meal they eat. It's empty food that displaces better foods you would otherwise eat.After decades of eating high calory low nutrient food, you reach a stage in life where your body starts to break down.

So you go to a doctor who is also a business man. You want quick relief, so he has three systems of giving you relief: medicine, surgery or radiation. Instead of correcting the diet that made you sick, medicines add more poisons to your body while allowing you to keep making the same eating mistakes. Pharmautical medicines are more toxic than you can imagine. Over 100,000 Americans die each year from medicine when taking as prescibed. When an organ causes discomfort, it's telling you your body is out of balance. Surgery is irreversable and doesn't get at the root cause. When you have cancer, radiation therapy saps your immune system when you need it the most. All three standard methods -poisonious medicine, surgery and radiation - do not promote health; they manage disease.

Food is your best medicine. Always has been; always will be. Combined with exercise and nutritutional supplements, you can reach a state of health not possible any other way.


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