Government is the great fiction through which everybody
endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.
Frederic Bastiat

America has turned into a religion. A majority of Americans seem to think they are God's chosen people who are going to lead the rest of the world out of darkness. By the degree of faith they put into the priests of the political class, they give them license to commit crimes they wouldn't commit themselves. Government in its present size and form, is a very dangerous and destructive institution. 

The United States is inching towards a severe economic depression, a police state, and a military empire that has made many enemies around the world. Our government is not your friend; it is your enemy. The information on these websites explain what is happening. You won't find this information in the news.

Current controversies The best news source on the U.S. government's quest to dominate the world.

Lew Rockwell The man who sponsers has a page on political opinions.

Rense News you won't find in the mainstream media.

Seventh Fire News A hard edge site that burrows into the political dirt .


Foundation for Economic Education The name says it all. Government press releases are designed to confuse and keep you uniformed.

Frédéric Bastiat Easy to read essays on law and economics. They were written two hundred years ago, but they still apply today.

The Future of Freedom Foundation Expositions on the crimes against the American people and foreign governments. Clear thinking on the political and economic problems of today. The author has passed away. I highly recommend his book, "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World." It's the best guide to personal freedom I've ever read.

Independent Institute Their specialty is on how government uses crises to expand its power.

On Power An excellent source on the nature of government power. The best source for books on liberty. I've been buying books from them for decades. Unfortunately, this site has run into hard times. I'm not sure if it is viable anymore. What you learn from the media about economic matters is a fraud. This website sets the record straight. Government economic intervention is not the cure; it is the problem.

Ayn Rand's First TV interview, part 1

Ayn Rand's First TV interview, part 2

Ayn Rand's First TV interview, part 3


What makes the mainstream media mainstream by Noam Chomsky. Very insightful essay on how the establishment power structure manipulates the masses. 1/27

The high cost of politicians If you wonder government costs are sky rocketing and the economy is sinking, it has to do with the burdens of an over controlling elite of no nothings. 11/24

The real aggressor is your government You've been conditioned to think of government has a benevolent organization, when in reality, it's a super criminal syndicate. It was a shocking thought when I first came across it. Do a mental exercise. If you compare criminal activity to government activity, there is no difference. 1/1

Why Germans Supported Hitler It's easy with perfect hindsight to conclude Hitler was an evil man. Unfortunately, to the German masses he was seen as a strong leader who could protect them from the evils that surrounded Germany. There is a lesson to be learned about the way Americans see the presidency and his bogeymen. 7/21

8 Keys to Instant Charisma 1. Mirroring 2. Remember names 3. Be interested 4. Allow others to talk 5. Intention 6. Offer help 7. Smile 8. Authenticity. 2/2

Brain rewards aggression much like it does sex, food, drugs I always knew there was a biological basis in there somewhere. 2/2

How the State Leads People to Their Own Destruction It is by nature a violent institution. To engage in its immoral activities, it takes measures to convince the masses that it is performing a valuable social function. In essence, it is a conduit by which Americans steal from Americans. 10/17

The Warrior mentality

America is a Religion Faith in the political class is just as misplaced as faith in the religious class.
What Happened to the U.S. Economy America's economic decline began thirty years ago.
We're All Gonna Die! Some doomsday scenarios that have nothing to do with prophecy.
Statistical Survey of the influence of religious life in America.
Foreign Policy for Tyros
How Does the War Party Get Away with It
The Doors Of Perception Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything
 So George, how do you feel about your mom and dad