Tower of Babel ó 11:1-9

Once upon a time everybody from all around the world spoke the same language, so they migrated from the east to the land of Shinar where they settled. They said to one another, lets make bricks and build a tower to the heavens in our name so we will not be scattered again. When God saw this, he became concerned that if they became united and spoke one language, nothing will become impossible for them.†So he confused their language so they would not understand each other and he scattered them all over the face of the earth. So the tower, called Babel, was never completed.

Comment: Linguists have a better explanation. Cultures and tribes that lived independently of each other developed their own native language. Similarities vary with migratory patterns.

So here we are in the second millenium once again defying Godís will. Man is still scattered all over the earth gradually learning to speak one language again English. Here we are at the dawn of the communication age, building satellites and radio towers, laying fiber optic cables, producing televisions, radios, computers and telephones so we can be in touch with anyone we want. In Bible World, ignorance is bliss and knowledge is forbidden. Everything humanity is supposed to know is supposed to flow from the mouths of priests.